Vans "Carte Blanche" — window display

Display design, art direction & prepration of files for production

Role: Graphic design intern
Company: Little Burgundy Shoes
Year: 2019

During my internship at Little Burgundy Shoes, I had the pleasure of designing a window display for Vans products from concept to production. The aim of this window concept was to promote the range of white sneakers by Vans sold at Little Burgundy.

I started by coming up with a concept to showcase the products. Then, I adapted the chosen concept to the different window dimensions. Guided by the senior designer, I also worked on the art direction to establish the set, styling, hair and make up and photography direction of the shoot. When everything was approved, I set up the files for the posters, window stickers and 3D shapes to be sent for production. The display was in stores across Canada during the month of March 2019.

Senior designer: Leah Mould
Photographer: Oumayma B. Tanfous

*Unfortunately, I lost the names of the models, stylist and hair and make up artist. If you recognize yourself or your work here, send me a message and I will make sure to add the credit!